‘Stop Shielding Weasel’s Domestic Violence Or He’ll Kill Sandra’-Daniella Orders Chameleone

‘Stop Shielding Weasel’s Domestic Violence Or He’ll Kill Sandra’-Daniella Orders Chameleone

By Ivan Mwine

Daniella Atim, the wife of singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, has directed him to stop shielding his younger brother Weasel’s domestic violence or else he will kill his baby mama Sandra Teta.

Daniella’s concern comes a few days after Weasel violently attacked Sandra after he accused her of allegedly cheating on him with Fred Kamau Njeru, the proprietor of Nomads Bar & Grill.

Weasel clobbered Sandra Teta for allegedly juggling him with Nomads Bar boss Fred Kamau (R)

However, a few days after the attack, Sandra appeared in a video that leaked on social media in which she is seen partying at a city night club with Jose Chameleone, something that didn’t amuse Daniella.

To express her concern, Daniella took to social media and assured Chameleone to stop shielding Weasel’s domestic violence or else he will kill Sandra and that he should seek professional help for him.

A  leaked WhatsApp conversation between Chameleone and Daniella goes thus;

Daniella: Tata Abba, What you guys are doing is not good, you guys are not  doing the right thing. Her tooth is broken and you can see it.

Chameleone:  All will be well, don’t worry, Am doing my best to help her too. I promise I will  do my best.

Daniella: And Weasel too, Weasel needs help.

Chameleone: I am really doing my best Mama Abba. I am and I promise I will.

Daniella: Weasel will kill that girl if we shielding him.

Chameleone: No shield.

A seemingly pissed Daniella thereafter took to her Instagram wall and ranted thus;

“Last night Tata Abba  video called me, he had Sandra ‘Mu Lusegere’, I asked him why he is taking around a woman flooded with makeup instead of allowing her time away from all the noise to process and rethink her life.

He said: “Mama Abba Sandra tayina tabu.”  All this while Sandra constantly wore a Big Bright Sad smile. I asked him if he is truly taking Sandra out for ‘fresh air’ like he said or just pawning her on Weasels behalf? I told him I will not give them breathing space…. pressure after pressure…”

Daniella didn’t stop at ranting but she has since started up a campaign dubbed ‘Let’s Put An End To Weasel’s Domestic Violence’, which is  fast gaining momentum, especially among feminine rights activists.


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