Sudhir Cracks Whip At Sanyu FM, Axes Betsy Mugamba For Leading Staff Strike

Sudhir Cracks Whip At Sanyu FM, Axes Betsy Mugamba For Leading Staff Strike


By Exposed Uganda

The Chairman of the Ruparelia Group of companies Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia has axed the Sanyu FM veteran Chief Operations Officer, after a leaked WhatsApp audio pinned  her amongst the people that led the massive staff strike at the station a few months ago.

It should be recalled that several staff off Sanyu FM led by  James Onen aka Fat Boy staged a sit-down strike in June protesting management’s decision to reduce their salaries, in a bid to cope with the challenges of COVID-19 on the company’s revenue.

However, the employees, led by Fat Boy refused to accept the salary deduction and many of them were either fired or just quit their jobs, although a few of them like Mugamba hanged around for the little ‘Ka-money.’

It should be noted that the station has since hired several new employees among them comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado, Deedan Muyira, who was poached from Radio City and Yvonne Koreta, who are doing the morning show and Roger Mugisha who is the Operations Director, among others.

However, we have since learnt that after conducting a thorough investigation into  what sparked off the massive strike,  the Management of Sanyu FM discovered that although she was still employed by the company, Mugamba had been one of the ringleaders of the strike and had been so vocal in rallying her fellow staff members to strike, on top of allegedly misappropriating company funds.

“I don’t think we need to punish the advertiser; the owners have to be punished because they are the ones who touched your money,” Betsy is heard telling staff in the audio.

“On our strike, there is an example you gave us, like if you are to kill someone, you cut like one finger …” one of the staff is heard replying Betsy.

Commenting shortly after her firing, our Moles overheard tycoon Sudhir saying; “I have been quite on this Lady look what she did to my company which I built for many years. I have Chosen to let her Go NOW.

I will NEVER forget the Day Betsy and her group stole my Social Media Platforms, and from that Day I have been Looking for this Ring Leader of this Strike.”

together, among other  celebrated media personalities.

Formerly a sales representative, Betsy rose to the helm of Sanyu FM in 2001 when the station changed hands from the Katto family to the Ruparelia Group.

Moles reveal that also fired was Luganda news anchor Salongo Sembatya, who is also no longer on the Sanyu airwaves.


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