Suspected Thief Nailed On Tree For Stealing Radio

Suspected Thief Nailed On Tree For Stealing Radio

By Ivan Mwine

The police in Kenya are hunting for ruthless people who over the  weekend nailed a man on a tree after they suspected him to have stolen a radio.

It is alleged that Collins Sambaya, a Kenyan, stole a radio from his neighbour identified as Elvis Ireme, also a Kenyan, before he went into hiding.

Eyewitnesses reveal that a hunt for Sambaya was launched whereby residents looked everywhere for him until he was smoked out of his hiding place.

Collins Sambaya who was nailed on a tree

It is said that after nabbing, instead of taking the suspect to police, Ireme, together with others who are still at large,  grabbed Sambaya and nailed him on a tree.

He stood there bleeding and crying out for help without anyone  helping him until he was later rescued by police  and taken to hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that Ireme and others who nailed Sambaya on a tree are currently in hiding because they fled the scene shortly after committing the mob justice on learning that the police were hunting for them.

It should however be noted that cases of mob justice are not only rampant in Kenya but also in Uganda,  although the police are doing everything possible to eradicate it through arresting the culprits and mass sensitization   against the crime.

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