Swangz Avenue Bosses Finally End Nwagi’s Suspension After She Apologises

Swangz Avenue Bosses Finally End Nwagi’s Suspension After She Apologises

By Ivan Mwine

We can ably reveal that the future is now bright for bootylicious singer Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi, after her bosses at Muyenga based record label Swangz Avenue finally ended her suspension.

We revealed on this website a few weeks ago how Swangz Avenue bosses led by Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya had decided to suspend Nwagi over what was reportedly termed as gross misconduct.

Nwagi with Azawi and Vinka during the event that was organised by Swangz Avenue at Uganda Museum

Besides not performing at events organized by Swangz Avenue, Nwagi’s bosses also ensured that she doesn’t release any new songs until they sort out the matter.

Ata some point when the suspension was biting her so much, a distraught Nwagi reached an extent of assuring fans to stop demanding her for new music.

Although they didn’t unleash the suspension publicly, insiders within the music industry reveal that the Swangz Avenue bosses had decided to intentionally make Nwagi redundant by not booking her for gigs.

In   local slang this kind of indirect redundancy can aptly be referred to as ‘being put on Katebe’.

Winnie Nwagi doing her thing on stage

We have since established that after Nwagi apologizing and assuring her bosses that she had accepted repented her wrongdoing and repented, they decided to end her suspension.

Actually, following the end of her suspension, Nwagi has  since been  allowed to resume performing at events organized by Swangz Avenue and rubbing shoulders with  other artistes signed to the record label.

The latest siting of Nwagi was at an event that was organized by Swangz Avenue at the Uganda Museum a few days back, where she performed alongside other Swangz Avenue artistes among them Azawi and Vinka.

It should be noted that it had been long since Nwagi last shared the same stage with other artistes signed to Swangz Avenue, but all this was possible thanks to the strict instructions from her bosses.

Well, now that she is back in the good books of her bosses,  we hope things are  definitely going to be better for her.


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