Tamale Mirundi Son Ssali’s Love For Booze Worries Pals

Tamale Mirundi Son Ssali’s Love For Booze Worries Pals

By Ivan Mwine

Patrick Ssali aka Paddy, who is one of top officials at Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), is either a very troubled and lonely man or his love for booze is about to become a cause for concern amongst his friends and close relatives.

It should be  nosed that Paddy is son of former Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi, whose undying love for booze is well known.

Paddy Ssali gulping a glass of beer

This is because his pals at Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) intimate that Paddy’s love for booze is soon surpassing that of his father’s and the bitter is already taking toll on him.

However, although he is following the old adage which says ‘Like Father Like Son’, Paddy seems to be on some sort of mission to drink more booze than his dad has so  far swallowed hi entire life.

Paddy Ssali’s post about his love for booze

According to our Moles, the man guzzles beer and liquor whenever and wherever he gets an opportunity to down a pint, even if it is one for the road.

However, he loves Club beer so much that he refers to it as his ‘Valentine that never disappoints him.’

Actually he expressed his undying love for the beer when he wrote thus on his social media platforms during this year’s Valentines Day celebrations;

“The best buddy ever….happy Valentine’ day my best buddy..club beer…u have never disappointed me..to many more years of happiness.”

The  Moles also reveal that although his favourite brand is Club beer, the dude never practices discrimination when of comes to bottles so whenever his favourite beer is out of stock, he gulps whatever is available, be it whiskey, brandy or spirits, because his thirst can’t be quenched by soft drinks like wine.

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