Tashobya, Mark Ssali, Blick & Dead Official Named In National Council Of Sports Cash Bonanza

Tashobya, Mark Ssali, Blick & Dead Official Named In National Council Of Sports Cash Bonanza

By Ivan Mwine

Several officials of the Uganda National Council of Sports (NCS) have come under fire for allegedly pocketing millions of shillings under dubious circumstances for the Common Wealth Games, yet athletes and sportsmen are languishing in poverty.

According to renowned sports events security guru Dixon Bond Okello, the culprits at NCS, who include a dead person shamelessly shared millions of tax payers’ money purportedly as their facilitation to travel to Turkey for  the Common Wealth  and Islamic games.


Okello, who has since exposed the list of the official who partook in cash bonanza, said thus on social media as he exposed them;

“Exposed 🔥🔥🔥

Sometimes, I pray that lightening can strike and send Ugandan sports officials 6ft underground.

Just check out, how they chopped money during the commonwealth and Islamic Games.

Our sportsmen and ladies, are always crying for better pay, while “useless officials” are chewing Money Pakalast. If they owe you money, follow them.

Even vocal opposition MP’s, chewed money.

I pray for mother Uganda!

Have your say😭”

However, what’s most worrying is that one of  the beneficiaries in this cash bonanza happens to be a long dead official identified as Michael Mukalazi, who is  indicated as ‘Late’ on the list, yet he or his ghosts received Shs95,959,000, something that has raised eyebrows.

Other notable individuals on the list is NCS Chairperson Ambrose Tashobya, sports journalist Mark Ssali, who has since been fired from the Nation Media Group (NMG) who received 24,635,000 and International Olympics Committee Member William Blick.

The long list as exposed by Okello, who is a security expert is reproduced below, although the individuals on the list are yet to come out and clear the air about these allegations:

However,  if these allegations are anything to go by, then the government has a long way to go in as far as fighting corruption in  the country is concerned.



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