Tears After Tears: NBS TV’s MC Kats Dumped By New Lover Marcah

Tears After Tears: NBS TV’s MC Kats Dumped By New Lover Marcah

By Ivan Mwine

This year’s Valentine’s Day is surely going to full of tears for NBS TV host Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats.

Word that just came in indicates that MC Kats is shedding buckets of tears after he was dumped by his new lover identified as Mriembe Caroline aka Caroline Marca.


Moles intimate that Marca, who is also a TV presenter, no longer has appetite for MC Kats’ Zubra anymore and she has since called it quits from his bonking pad in Kiwatule.

Caroline Marcah no longer has appetite for MC Kats’ Zubra

Although it is not yet clear what caused their split, Moles intimate that they two have been bickering over offside romping especially on Kats’ side, which could have prompted Marcah to kick him out of her Thighland.

It should be noted Kats and Marcah hooked up in 2020 and have been enjoying themselves sine then,  although they don’t have a child together. But she has a child from her past relationship with another dude.

Caroline Marcah is nowadays chilling with other dudes

However, Marcah’s dumping Kats like a hot potato will be a source of immense stress for him according to his pals, because it comes at a time when he was learning to live with his baby mama singer Fille Mutoni, who dumped him a few years ago.

Fille, who has since gotten engaged to another man, had lived with Kats as man and wife for several years and even produced a child for him.

MC Kats baby mama Fille Mutoni has since gotten engaged to another man

However, along the way they developed irreconcilable love woes after she severally accused him of cheating on her with city slay queens and when she reached the extent of not being able to stomach his manners any more, she dumped him and moved on.

But by the time he hooked up with Fille Kats had banged several other babes and produced a number of kids from them, who pals say are so many if all gathered together they can fill a classroom!


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