Fears Of Hacking Emerge After  State House Official Website Is Pulled Down

Fears Of Hacking Emerge After State House Official Website Is Pulled Down

By Ivan Mwine

Untold tension has gripped several Ugandans after they discovered that the official State House website has been off for several days now, without any communication from the responsible authorities.

Ugandans who have been used to accessing up to date information about the on-goings at State House and the implementation of government projects are now worried that there could be a problem in the State House Media Unit, because this kind of occurrence is unusual.


Several Ugandans who have tried to access the website lately have become stranded because when they launch it in their browsers, it shows is that the site is still under maintenance and this has been going on for several days.


This has left many of such Ugandans fearing that the website might have been hacked or developed some technical problems that forced its managers and the powers that be at State House to pull it down.

The State House official website is currently off

This theory is being carried by pundits who suspect that some elements could have been using malware like Pegasus and others to compromise the State’s security by hacking into the website in a bid to clandestinely tap into other official government digital communication channels.

By press time however, the website was still off, yet our efforts to contact the State House Communications Department and Linda Nabusayi, the Press Secretary to the President, were still futile because they couldn’t be reached through  their known official lines.

We however, we shall keep you updated as soon as they speak out about the matter or reveal why the State House website is off.   


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