Things Set To Get Bloody Soon As King Saha, Bebe Cool Beef Takes Ugly Twist

Things Set To Get Bloody Soon As King Saha, Bebe Cool Beef Takes Ugly Twist

By Ivan Mwine

There is bitter beef raging on between musicians  Mansour Semanda  aka King Saha and his sworn nemesis Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool and Saha’s beef has been raging on for some time now, although it escalated when Saha decided to contest for the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidency.

The day Saha announced his presidential bid for  UMA Bebe Cool came out and made it expressly known that he doesn’t support him and that  he supports  his competitor singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy.

It is said that Bebe Cool, through some of his publicly utterances, went ahead and branded King Saha, who has the support  of National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as ‘stupid’.

Moles reveal that Bebe Cool alleged that the only connection between Saha and  Bobi Wine is weed and that he (Saha) has no capacity  to lead UMA.

King Saha and Bebe Cool do not see eye to eye

However, in retaliation, Saha has since dropped a song titled ‘Zakayo’, which many of his fans believe is indirectly hitting on Bebe Cool.

Saha coins the title of the song ‘Zakayo’ from the biblical taxi collector Zacheus, who was so full of iniquities that people didn’t want him to see Jesus Christ until he had to climb a tree.

According to the lyrics in Saha’s new song ‘Zakayo’, his fans contend that he  is  attacking Bebe Cool for benefiting from the music industry without  giving back anything in return, and then attacking the musicians who are contributing immensely to the industry.

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