‘Those In Gov’t Should Be Careful, One Stroke Can End It’-Nabilah

‘Those In Gov’t Should Be Careful, One Stroke Can End It’-Nabilah


By Norma Isaac Mwambazi


Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant and current Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Nabilah Naggayi Sempala, has warned all government to be careful with how they treat Ugandans, because only one simple mistake  can cause the regime to fall.

According to Naggayi, this government, which she termed as dictatorial, breaks the law continuously with impunity, taking Ugandans for a joke.


“This government should be careful and should restrain itself from taking Ugandans for a joke! But if the laws are to be so trampled upon with impunity, and a minority is to dictate to the majority, there is an end,” Naggayi posted on her Facebook page.

Nabilah Naggayi’s Facebook post

She continued, “One stroke can end this dictatorial government, and nothing but anarchy and confusion is to be expected thereafter. Once laws are broken with impunity, each citizen reserves the right to any means he deems proper or necessary in order to defend himself against the new tyrant, the one who breaks the law.”

Naggayi’s comments are thought to be fuelled by the police’s raid on National Unity Platform’s offices on Wednesday, which according to her, depicts that the culture of dialogue between government and the opposition has broken down.

“It is now crystal clear that the culture of dialogue has broken down and it is giving way to a culture of threats and impunity, you can see this at play already – and what they have is essentially the threat of imprisonment in order to control people better,” Naggayi added.

She ended her post by calling upon her supporters to “focus to end this source of misery. We deserve better!”



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