Three Dead After Fire Guts Huawei 5G Research Lab In China

Three Dead After Fire Guts Huawei 5G Research Lab In China


By Isaac Norman Mwambazi

A facility belonging to Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies caught fire on Friday afternoon, leaving three people dead and several others injured.

Reports reveal that 140 fire fighters did all they could to put out the fire and made sure it did not spread to the finished and in-use nearby buildings.

Although earlier reports had said there were no casualties, it has since been confirmed that three people lost their lives in the fire at the facility that is located in the southern city of Dongguan.

Huawei has not yet released an official statement on the incident but according to the Fire Rescue Department of Dongguan city, the main material that was burning in the fire was sound-absorbing cotton.

“The Huawei research lab adjacent to the building that caught fire mainly conducts research of materials in addition to testing for 4G and 5G antennas related to Huawei’s base station business,” the report by Reuters quotes a source familiar with the matter.

The building is part of a larger Huawei manufacturing facility, which is adjacent to another European-themed campus in the area that serves as an office to 25,000 Huawei employees.

Huawei is the leading innovator of the 5G telecommunication technology.


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