To Hell With COVID-19; Ashburg Katto, Other Partiers Drown In Booze, Kissing Festival Despite Bars Being Closed

To Hell With COVID-19; Ashburg Katto, Other Partiers Drown In Booze, Kissing Festival Despite Bars Being Closed

By Mable Nakibuuka

If you are waiting for the government to open bars before you can resume partying then you might wait forever; there are people in Kampala who cannot wait that long!

They are already storming city bars to enjoy life without fear or favour to anyone; they don’t even fear COVID-19, reason why they party day and night, without wearing masks or keeping social distance.

Although the police have continued  carrying out operations in which they arrest revelers  they find drinking in bars, that hasn’t stopped some bars, especially   high-end hangouts in Kampala, from hosting revelers who party till they drop, without any fear of being raided by the police.

Actually, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga recently admitted that there are some government security personnel that are being deployed at certain bars to provide security to drunkos as they  enjoy  their booze at night and he threatened to arrest them.

Indeed our Moles reveal that there is  a certain bar in Kampala, which has made it a habit to stage very kinky parties especially during weekends, to which they host a bevy of sex-oozing babes that entertain their guests.

Many of the revelers who hang out at this particular bar are usually socialites, top elites, civil servants, EU diplomats, Asian investors, to mention but a few.

Juicy babes were flowing in plenty to entertain Investors

The said bar recently held a somewhat kinky party during which they erected a ‘Kissing Booth’, where couples and or strangers meeting for the first time were allowed to swap saliva!

While some revelers kissed, snogged and pecked, others were smooching, cuddling and canoodling as the lonely dudes salivated at the booty that was in the house!

Here are some of the snaps our Moles captured from the kinky party, which they reveal was hosted by a city events promoter who goes by the name tag  Slay Farmer and was attended by among others NRM mobiliser Ashburg Katto.

A Kissing Booth was erected for the partiers
There was no wearing masks or social distance

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