Tooro Kingdom Royal Family Cougar Introduces Lover Boy

Tooro Kingdom Royal Family Cougar Introduces Lover Boy

It seems the President of France Emmanuel Macron has started getting some Ugandan guys emulating him when it comes to considering the number of men who are dating women that are way older than them.

Latest to pick a leaf is youthful Fort Portal based socialite Larry Richard Abala, who has decided to take his affair with a Sugar Mama to the next level.

The hunky dude braved all criticism and got introduced by his longtime loaded secret lover Ruth Cox Amooti, a member of the Tooro kingdom royal family, who is in her evening years to menopause.
Richard Abala kneeling for Cox Amooti during the introduction ceremony

Indeed it seems the Tooro kingdom royal family is ringing with wedding bells since Princess Ruth Komuntale and Ruth Cox are no longer  single and are just waiting to fix their wedding dates.

The only problem is that the COVID-19 regulations which only allow 10 people to attend a wedding ceremony will reduce the number of people that will attend the weddings of the two royals.

Abala and Cox Amooti during the happy moments

Ruth Cox is a popular loaded figure in Fort Portal. She is said to be in her late 50s and used to be close to a senior powerful UPDF General who used to pump a lot of money in her lifestyle. Reports say that Ruth Cox’s kids live in the USA and she is a tight buddy to renowned politician Margaret Muhanga.

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