Top Ugandan Human Rights Activist Flees After Brother’s Brutal Murder

Top Ugandan Human Rights Activist Flees After Brother’s Brutal Murder

By Ivan Mwine

A renowned Ugandan LGBT activist identified as Asiimwe Prossy, a resident of Makindye, has fled into hiding following the gruesome murder of her brother identified as  Noah Mathew,  who was attacked by unknown.

According to family members Noah Mathew, who was a self-confessed member of the LGBT Community in Uganda,  was on July 8th, 2022 attacked by assailants as he headed to his home in Makindye, a city suburb, who hit him on the head with a sharp object and fled, leaving him lying in a pool of his own blood.

It is alleged that prior to his murder, Noah Mathew had always been hated by people in his community because of his sexual orientation and many had always threatened him with violence if he didn’t renounce his ways.

Noah Mathew who was murdered

So following Noah’s brutal murder, his sister Asiimwe, who is a member of Kuchu Shiners, an organisation that protects the rights of LGBT people, has since fled into hiding.

Asiimwe’s whereabouts are currently unknown by family members suspect that she could have fled into hiding for fear of her life, especially because people in her community are strongly against anyone who subscribes to the LGBT community.

It should also be noted that same-sex couples were outlawed in Uganda as per the dictates of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 and the penalty, when convicted, is either life imprisonment or death.

Besides the Anti-Homosexuality law  however, LGBT members in Uganda always face the threat of being lynched, abused, ridiculed and or being treated in all sorts inhumane ways just because of their sexual orientation.

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