Top UPDF General  Directs URA To Release Chameleone’s  Impounded Land cruiser

Top UPDF General  Directs URA To Release Chameleone’s  Impounded Land cruiser

By Our Reporter

A popular Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officer at the rank of Lieutenant General over the weekend   directed officials at the Uganda Revenue Authority to immediately release singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone’s Land Cruiser, which they had impounded over unpaid taxes.

Scouts from the URA impounded Chameleone’s white Land Cruiser V8  which was given to him as a gift by a South Sudanese businesswoman  identified as Achar Will, after he recorded a song praising her.

He drove the vehicle to Kampala where he started flossing in it despite having not paid taxes, until in April this year when it was impounded by URA scouts who demanded that he either produces documents indicating he paid the taxes or he forgets the vehicle.

After a brief scuffle with the URA scouts, Chameleone surrendered the vehicle and it was towed to the revenue collectors’ headquarters in Nakawa.

However, on Monday, Chameleone, who is contesting for the Kampala Lord Mayoral seat in the 2021 general election, was seen chest thumping as he cruised the Land Cruiser  around town.

We have since learnt that Chameleone managed to recover the vehicle after calling the Luwero based top UPDF General on phone,  whom he pleaded with to intervene in the matter.

It is said that after listening to Chameleone’s pleas and cries of mercy, the General made a single phone call to the URA headquarters in Nakawa, in which he gave marching orders to officials there to sort out the matter as soon as possible.

Jose Chameleone standing atop his Land Cruiser at URA headquarters

Our Moles reveal that  after the General’s call,  Chameleone was called to URA offices to pay Shs80m  instead of  the  full rate of Shs120m that he was supposed to pay in taxes. The rate was reduced after the General’s phone call, Moles reveal.

We have learnt that the singer paid Shs35m   which is half of the taxes he is supposed to pay and asked URA for more time to pay the balance in installments.

After the payment, the URA officials also processed a registration number plate UBH 013N, which was fixed on the vehicle before Chameleone hit the road with it.

However, Moles at Leone Island have intimated that Chameleone wouldn’t have been able to cough the Shs35 hadn’t it been for the intervention of his South Sudanese friend Achar Will, who reportedly  gifted him with USD10,000 to clear the taxes.

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