Trends That Left Fashion Lovers  Scratching Heads In 2020

Trends That Left Fashion Lovers Scratching Heads In 2020


By Nellie Nakitende


When it comes to fashion we usually try not to judge. We’re often pretty permissive when it comes to people’s personal styles.

But we admit that sometimes we see fashion trends that make it really hard not to judge apart from screaming out and calling Joan Rivers’ ghost.

We’re still confused about how we’re seeing the fashion of the early years come back in a whole lot of different trends, some of which have astounded fashion enthusiasts in the year 2020. They include but are not limited to the following;


Plastic Shoes

These have been trendy for a few years but instead of the see through thigh-highs that Kim Kardashian rocked a few years ago, the trend will go chunkier. A good block heel is a godsend for even the novice heels wearer but still this trend seems to only bring to mind sweaty, stinky feet.


One Leg Cat Suits

How? How did this even become a trend? We can’t think of any occasion where a one leg cat suit would be appropriate or who this would look good on except a Kardashian or a Jenner.

We guess this is a great look if only one leg got tan during an afternoon in the sun but there’s hoping that the loom isn’t here to stay.


A look for a woman who is still obsessed with Stevie Nick’s head to toe crochets or big crochet pieces will be all the rage for 2021. When done right crochet can look chic but when it’s bad it’s really bad. So for those of us who are brave enough to give it a swing just keep that in mind.



Scrunchies, Scrunchies, Scrunchies…fun to say but let’s face it is it fun to wear? These huge bobbles are still going to be a fashion focus in 2021 and while we can’t say they look great they’re at least functional, right? Some kids are even wearing them as bracelets which takes things to a whole cingeworthy level.


We love fashion risk. We love a colour but we don’t love a full neon suit or even a small neon flourish for that matter. We would never judge someone for going full on with this bright look but neon’s are best kept in small doses. A little might read as fun while a lot might read as full blown camp counsellor.

Dad’s Shoes

Chunky, clunky sneakers will continue to be trendy this year although we’re not exactly why that is. Sure, they probably offer some good arch support but nothing screams ‘I’ve got a cell phone clipped to the belt of my straight leg jeans like a pair of Dad sneakers’. These sneakers are truly atrocious.

Coloured Lenses

A relic from the first reboot of Degras’s New Year, new page, anyone? Tinted lenses will be having a big moment in 2021. Do they protect you from UV? They might look cute with the right outfit could probably put out our old pair from junior school.


Padded Head Bands

Another relic that we thought would stay behind in the 90’s. All we know is that this look is giving us vintages vibes and not in a good way.

Teeny-tiny purses

We love Lizzo but she’s to blame for putting this silly style on the map. What can one possibly put in these tiny pocket books? They hold nothing, they can’t be slung over a shoulder. These aren’t practical for basically anyone but for moms. Everywhere the tiny purse trend is a no go.

Flappy Hair

Big 60’s flappy hair will be back in style this year as much as it hurts to say it. The look reminds us of curling irons, painful blow outs and the movie ‘Now and Then’ in a bad way. Although we think that there is one demographic who will really embrace the next big hair craze, our moms.

Whale Tails

Perfect look for after school pick up, no? The look is comprised of visible thong-age in any capacity. Plus, low-rise jeans are back in style which means it’s easier to have many a Santa moment.

Bucket hats

Another norm core fashion trend that has spread world-wide. Bucket hats are a head wear equivalent of wearing a rolling back pack. But they do protect us from the sun which is a nice bonus and while we wouldn’t want to sport the cups ourselves they are still a good bet.

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