Trouble: Desire Luzinda’s Strange Weight Loss Raises Concern

Trouble: Desire Luzinda’s Strange Weight Loss Raises Concern

By Ivan Mwine

Songbird Desire Luzinda, who was some time back a very bootylicious and bubbly babe, is losing weight at supersonic speed, something that is worrying many of her fans.

Desire, who became popular because of her randy song titled ‘Kitone’, recently returned from America, where she had spent a few years on evangelical mission.
Desire Luiznda flaunts her curves when she still had them

However, ever since Desire returned to Uganda many of her fans who have had a chance of closely looking at her intimate that she has since become a shadow of her former self, whereby she no longer possesses the juicy booty and saucy bumper she had some time back.

It should however be noted that when Desire was in America, she embraced the light of Jesus and became a practicing savedee, although it is not yet clear whether she will remain steadfast in her new faith while in Uganda or not.

Desire Luzinda’s curves have since disappeared

Ever since she got saved, Desire, who is a mother of one, decided to abandon secular and embrace gospel music, although she is yet to release a hit in that genre and her gospel music career is yet to kickoff.

Desire made headlines a few years back after she got involved in a bitter child custody wrangle with army man Juma Seiko, who claimed to have fathered her only daughter  Michelle Luzinda, although she rejected his claims, insisting that her other former lover Michael Kaddu is the father of the child.  

Desire’s once juicy booty is nowadays on and off like UBC waves

It is not yet clear whether Desire is battling some health complications, simply dieting or losing weight as a result of financial stress, but she recently posted a very touching message on Instagram, which indicates that she could be troubled.

“Many evils confront the consistently righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all [ Psalms 34:19 ]

– The #rejection

– The #depression

The Lord will deliver you,” Desire wrote on Instagram.

She added that; “There is no reason why you should lose #peace✌️ over people who are made up to misinterpret you

 There is no reason why you should waste your time explaining yourself to people who do not hold your #destiny


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