TV Star Fifi Da Queen’s Mystery Booty Raises Eyebrows

TV Star Fifi Da Queen’s Mystery Booty Raises Eyebrows

By Ivan Mwine

Popular TV star Phiona Nabitengero aka Fifi Da Queen has sparked off a storm on social media after she shared pictures in which she is seen parading her very juicy and curvaceous booty.

In the said snapshots, Fifi, whom many people did not know to have such juicy curves, spots  a rather mouthwatering body that has left many guys salivating, while others are asking questions, wondering how she acquired that booty, which wasn’t there a few years ago.
Fifi da Queen parades her mystery booty

Here is what some of her followers on social media had to say;

Shakie Wa Bobi: Totusiliwaza nawe vaku photo shop kuba tomanyi jikozesa kilabika wakajitegela excitement olina nyinji I mean look at this pic nyabo wena wewadd watto kwegamba ebina lijude katebe neligendako ne Bali nyabo Nabitengelo tubalemu amagezi.

Amumpaire Liz Nasa: FifiDa Queen Fifi tewegumya we know that app so tokisusa

Brendah Martha: Sika figure. Eno neda

Pictures showing the evolution of Fifi’s booty

Akatukunda Brendah-Brendah Martha: she was so intelligent to hide the legs.

Jane Apian Erume: She has a good body, but those arms are not hers

Nanyonga Harriet: If faco was in existence no woman i. Uganda would be buttless, y ppl are so negative, we are different, we all can’t hv the same body structure, we all can’t hv beautiful faces, beautiful legs, we all can’t be rich, learn to appreciate God, there a good thing u hv wch fifi don’t, hv, thank u God 4 the beautiful structure u gave, y ppl always think God can’t create beautiful think and they give gd energy to stan, plz stop putting God down, wama nze am grateful 4 u fifi

Fifi with her little booty back then

Prosie Buble: This photoshop is just so recognisable😅 but anyway it’s ur phone, ur filters who are we to interfere.

Angellina Shareworld: Ehhh the right hand baby sijitegedde otherwise nice figure baby ur smart

Fifi with a dude wagging her evolved booty

However, in a bid to prove the haters wrong, Fifi went ahead and posted other pictures that indicate how her booty has been evolving over time and it’s you, our dear readers to judge here.

Fifi Da Queen shares a side view of her booty

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