TV Star Fifi Parker Urges Fans To Enjoy Safe Sex  During COVID-19 Lockdown

TV Star Fifi Parker Urges Fans To Enjoy Safe Sex During COVID-19 Lockdown

By Ivan Mwine

Sexy STV star Fifi Parker, who presents the Lunch Time request show, has come out to urge her fans not only to wear masks in a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic but to also wear condoms so as to prevent the spread of the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Dazzling Fifi, who has since sparked off severe scrotal eruptions on social media after sharing a series of her  bikini snapshots, seems to be opposed to live  sex so much that she has since taken it upon herself to remind all her fans to always enjoy safe sex by using condoms.
Sexy Fifi Parker flaunts her curves

In a bid to spread her message of safe sex far and wide, Fifi this week posted on Social Media thus; “Not only Masks, but put Condoms on too!”

She added that; “AIDS/ HIV and COVID-19 are two deadly diseases we need to keep safe from.”

Fifi Parker sparked off scrotal eruptions

Fifi’s message about safe sex was warmly welcomed by many of her fans, especially  the males, many of who couldn’t resist the temptation of salivating at her very soupy and  extremely seductive body.

Fifi Parker’s message to her fans about using condoms

Muhoozi Hassan said: “For you I can die…is it me who told God to give you all that beauty.”

Fifi Parker with her tight pal Weasel

On his part, James Bweyagera, another ardent fan, said; “Fifi Parker very true. Yesterday morning was a bit sad for me seeing a beautiful 28 year old girl succumb in my arms due to HIV.”

Émmå Surura Dåwhïte SP took it a notch higher when he told Fifi that; “Any man that can play a friendly match with you using a condom is a disgrace to the community!”

It should however be noted that sexy Fifi  has a huge fraternity of male pals and fans, among them celebrated musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, of the popular Goodlyfe crew.

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