TV Star Josephine Karungi Returns With Sexy Bang

TV Star Josephine Karungi Returns With Sexy Bang

By Ivan Mwine

Gorgeous TV star Josephine Karungi, who is  music producer Vince Musisi’s estranged baby mama, seems to have undergone a complete metamorphosis.

Moles who have spotted her lately reveal that whereas the NTV journalists was thin and somewhat not that very juicy a few years back, these days she is the complete opposite.

Moles intimate that the once scrawny and sad-looking journalist that was Karungi has since disappeared, having been replaced with a bubbly, juicy and extremely delicious-looking Karungi.

Josephine Karungi looking so gorgeous

Her complete change in style, looks and sexiness have left many of Karungi’s pals and fans on social media wondering about her secret to beauty.

Karungi, who is a veteran journalist, made headlines a few years back after she fell out with her then husband Musisi, shortly after their wedding.

Karungi as she looked back in the day

It was not long before she abandoned Musisi in Uganda after she was flown to the UK courtesy of a loaded city events guru, where she dropped a tot.

Josephine Karungi with Vince Musisi on their wedding day

She later quietly returned to Uganda to raise her kid amidst conflicts with Musisi and she had opted to keep out of the limelight until recently when she returned with a sexy bang!

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