TV Star Robin Kisti, Lover Asiimwe Bitterly Part Ways

TV Star Robin Kisti, Lover Asiimwe Bitterly Part Ways

By Ivan Mwine

Life is no longer a bed of roses for popular TV personality Robin Nambooze who is popularly known as Robin Kisti and her lover Mark Asiimwe.

Our Moles reveal Kisti and Asiimwe, who held a massive ‘Kukyala’ (visitation) ceremony last year, are no more after  they developed love woes that have since seen them part ways.

It is not yet clear why Kisti and Asiimwe’s love hit rock bottom so soon after their ‘Kukyala’ ceremony but Moles intimate that it all rotates around mistrust and insecurity on both sides.

Kisti announced their breakup on social media when she posted  thus over the weekend;

“I guess it ended in tears! There is just someshit I can’t take! We live and we learn, thank you God for this lesson and new chapter. Single and not searching,” she wrote on Snapchat.”

However, following the said breakup, many of Kisti’s relatives and friend who were anticipating being a part of their introduction and wedding have since been left so disappointed.

We hear the introduction and wedding were slated to be held next month but all plans for the same have been shattered, unless Kisti decides to give Asiimwe a second chance.

It should however e noted that although they separated, Kisti and Asiimwe have a child together and chances are high that the next level in their crumbled relationship is a bitter child custody battle.

Meanwhile, Kisti is so bitter with Asiimwe that she has since deleted all his photos from her social media platforms, an indication that she is really done with him.

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