TV Star Sheila Hooks Singer Rickman After Dumping God’s Plan

TV Star Sheila Hooks Singer Rickman After Dumping God’s Plan

By Our Reporter

Former NTV and NBS TV star Sheila Gashumba is over the moon these days ever since she hooked up with Sweden based Ugandan musician cum soccer ace Rickman, of the ‘Ebango Baliwanika’ fame.

Rickman, who also happens to be a  renowned football star in Sweden, is nowadays  said to be dribbling his balls within Sheila’s ‘Namboole’!

Apparently, Sheila replaced her old flame Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan with Rickman, who is enjoying all her Goodies these days, without fear or favour for God’s Plan.

Moles intimate that Sheila and God’s  Plan officially separated early this year, following accusations of infidelity and domestic violence on both sides.

Sheila Gashumba’s post about her new hook up singe Rickman

 Following their separation, Sheila, who had tattooed God’s Plan’s name on her back, hunted for a dermatologist in town who could erase the tattoo, until she finally got rid of it.

As if to announce her newfound romping with Rickman, Sheila has since started plastering  her social media platforms with pictures of them enjoying romantic moments and cozy rendezvous.

She captioned one of the pictures thus; “Private but not a secret!! You only live once!! Make sure you’re happy!! Whoever brings the most peace and happiness, gets THE MOST TIME!

It should be recalled that at the height of their romping affairs last year, Sheila had moved in with God’s Plan at Speke Apartments, where they had been cohabiting after she fled  her father Frank Gashumba’s home. 

However, the cohabiting didn’t work out well after she reportedly started accusing him of allegedly straying with several city babes, among them  NBS TV star Zahara Totto, with whom Sheila at one time engaged in a bitter social media war over God’s Plan.

But as you read this, she is said to be giving Rickman not  only the ‘Most Time’ like she asserts   but also most of herself, as the heartache wounds caused her by God’s  Plan  slowly heal. 

That aside, Sheila father Gashumba made headlines last year after dissing many Ugandan girls who he claimed were hooking up men to get money to buy cheap things like sanitary pads, chips and chicken plus mobile phones, yet Sheila was chasing after passports and big deals and that he was grooming her for a juicy job at KCCA, although she has never got it since then.

Actually, Gashumba reached an extent of chasing Sheila from his house after he got fed up of her returning home late in the night tipsy, following her partying binges with God’s Plan, whom he refused to acknowledge as a potential son-in-law.  

But the mortar-mouthed political  activist has since gone silent about his randy daughter’s love life, often opting to speak political activism and steering away from issues to do with morality, especially when it comes to parenting.

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