TV Star Tinah Teise Raises Temperatures In Men’s Pants

TV Star Tinah Teise Raises Temperatures In Men’s Pants


By Mable Nakibuuka


Popular NTV star Christine Komujuni aka Tinah Teise is not only doing a good job at the TV station but also slaying and causing scrotal eruptions amongst men in Kampala and beyond borders.

The gorgeous TV presenter, who hosts the LogIn show, is currently in town, but as usual, she is on a money-chopping spree.

She recently shared pictures of her chilling at Speke Resort Munyonyo, which are sparking off blistering temperatures in thousands of men’s pants.

Tinah Teise looking gorgeous

In some of the snaps which our Moles have landed on, Tinah is seen flouting her sun-kissed body, while in another she spots juice-sagging boobies as she drapes the Uganda flag around her booty.

Tinah Teise enjoying the breeze

A proud Mukiga, Tinah Teise is one of those Ugandan slay queens who have solely dedicated their lives to partying, enjoying life, slaying, traveling plus savouring the pleasures and luxuries of life.

Sexy Tinah Teise having a nice time

By the way she is still very single, often braves colds and her nickname is Kabale Juice!

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