TV Stations Reject Bafana’s ‘Mbuzi’ Video Over Nudity

By Ivan Mwine

Dancehall star Ziza Bafana real name Richard Kasendwda is sulking after local TV stations rejected the video for his ‘Mbuzi’ hit song because of the explicit content it contains.

According to our Moles, program directors and producers at almost all Ugandan TV stations have rejected the video that he released in June last year reasoning that it contains a lot of nudity and very graphic scenes.
One of the kinky scenes in Ziza Bafana’s ‘Mbuzi’ video

Most of the scenes in the video breach the regulations that were set up by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to regulate the content that is to be broadcast by the TV stations.

Bafana’s video vixen dancing with goats in his video

So, in order not to attract  the wrath of UCC, the management of these TV stations have  since opted to distance themselves from Bafana’s video, something that has greatly affected its circulation and marketing.

Analysts in the music industry have since advised Bafana to shoot the video again and come up with a clean version that can easily be picked up by local TV stations or else the song is bound to suffer a stillbirth.

Bafana is one of Uganda’s leading dancehall musicians who has outed songs like; ‘Gyayo Ntekeyo’, ‘Pomini’,  ‘Nyazaala’, ‘Agende’, ‘Tulimajje’, ‘Guluma Nasomye’ among others.

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