Tycoon Abu Goes Into Food Vending

Tycoon Abu Goes Into Food Vending


By Exposed Uganda


Looks like city tycoon Abu Mukasa has realized that there is good money in restaurant business which has compelled him to open up a restaurant in town.

Mukasa, popularly known as Abu, has ventured into food business by opening Jikoni Restaurant along Clement Hill road next to Africell headquarters.


In a bid to tap into the profits in foods business, Abu’s restaurant has two sections; one for local dishes and another for fast food eateries.

The Jikoni Restaurant parking lot is always filled to capacity

Due to his connections and social capital, the place which opened recently has attracted eaters from the upmarket class, especially top corporates who work in big offices around Clement Hill Road, plus several loaded youth in town.

Abu is known in the telecom business where he has minted most his dime from.

He became so popular in the business circles when he brought HITS Telecom to the Ugandan market, which later changed business name to Orange Telecom as local business partners.


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