Tycoon Basajjabalaba’s Gal Sheila Chops Dime Without Fear Or Favour Despite COVID-19 ‘Kayasi’

Tycoon Basajjabalaba’s Gal Sheila Chops Dime Without Fear Or Favour Despite COVID-19 ‘Kayasi’


By Mable Nakibuuka

If there is anyone enjoying during the COVID-19 ‘Kayasi’ then it is none other than Kampala tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba’s daughter Sheila Basajjabalaba.

Our Moles intimate that whereas many Ugandans are tight-marking their dime such that they can survive the COVID-19 credit crunch, Sheila is chopping dime without fear or favour to anyone.


She recently posted pictures of her lavish birthday bash which she held at Sun City Resort in South Africa, where she partied massively with a group of her pals.

Sexy Sheila Basajjabalaba at the beach

In the pictures and videos she shared on her Instagram, Sheila is seen merrymaking with her pals, as they enjoy all tribes of drinks and snacks.

Sheila paraded boobies as she parties with pals

Later after eating and drinking to their fill, the babes strip down to bikinis and the babes to shorts before they all jump into the water for steamy swimming sessions.

Sheila Basajjabalaba having fun with one of her pals

Sheila’s father Basajjabalaba is one of the wealthiest men in Uganda, where he is the proprietor of Kampala International University, Kampala International Hospital, Basajja Hides and Skins, among several other business enterprises.

Sheila’s pals having fun at Sun City Resort

He also owns At least two hostels outside, but near the Western Campus of KIU,  a tea factory at Butare in Kyamuhunga, Bushenyi District,  a tea factory at Nyakashaka in Buhweju District, a sizable chunk of land around the Bushenyi tea factory,  large piece of land around the Buhweju tea factory, to mention but a few.

Sheila Basajjabalaba and her tight friend at her party
Sheila Basajjabalaba (L) with her party Brigade





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