Tycoon Bemuga’s Gal Destiny Introduces Mzungu Lover

Tycoon Bemuga’s Gal Destiny Introduces Mzungu Lover

By Ivan Mwine

Kampala mogul Ben Mugasha, who is popularly known as Bemguga, has all reasons to jubilate after his daughter Destiny Mugasha over the weekend introduced her Mzungu lover identified as Kirk Drew.

Moles reveal that Destiny introduced Drew to her parents at a private traditional ceremony known as Kuhirngira, which was held at their home in Mitooma district, which was attended by a few close family members and friends.

Tycoon Bemuga and his daughter Destiny Mugasha during the Kuhingira ceremony

The Moles intimate that the deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa was the chief guest at the function and was flanked by a few bigwigs from government and the service was officiated over by the archbishop of the Church of Uganda Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu.

After attending the function, Tayebwa tweeted thus; “Yesterday my wife and I joined the family of renowned investor Mr. Ben Mugasha (Bemuga) in Mutara, Mitooma to witness the Kuhingira of their daughter Destiny Mugasha to Kirk Drew. I urged the couple to love each other unconditionally and put God at the centre of their marriage.”

According to Moles, the couple has been enjoying themselves behind the scenes for quite some time until early this year when they decided  to officialise their romping, which has left Bemuga jubilating.

Archbishop Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu greeting deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa and wife

Bemuga, who is the proprietor of Bemuga Forwarders, is one of the wealthiest people in Uganda, dealing in real estate, large scale farming, drilling machinery, plus freight and forwarding.

Dr. Mugasha is a seasoned logistician, a founder, Director and Executive Chairman of Bemuga Group. As one of the pioneers of Oil and Gas Logistics in Uganda (since 1999), Dr. Mugasha has a vast amount of experience handling the sector needs and its challenges through the years.

He has handled logistics services for all the majors in Uganda and their different service providers plus other national and private sector projects.

He has led the Group from a clearing and forwarding company into a diversified asset based company offering Transport, Heavy Lifting and Heavy Machinery Rental.

Dr. Mugisha has also served on the Presidential Round Table (PIRT) for Oil and Gas and pioneered a number of causes and associations in the sector.

He is a passionate champion for Local Content participation, eager to see stronger local partnerships to enable participation of local companies in all upcoming projects in Uganda.


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