‘Tycoon’ Jack Pemba’s Former Wifey Sheeba  Set To Marry New Lover Mwandha

‘Tycoon’ Jack Pemba’s Former Wifey Sheeba Set To Marry New Lover Mwandha

By Ivan Mwine

City fashionista Sheeba Kassami, who  is troubled tycoon Jack Pemba’s ex-wife, is nowadays enjoy  romance in the arms of a city businessman identified as Timothy Mwandha, popularly known as Tim amongst his close buddies.

Moles have it on good ground that after Sheeba and Tim dating for  over a year, the couple is planning to hold a secret wedding later this year, such that they  can officialise their romping.

Timothy Mwandhha and Sheebah Kassami romancing at their Muyenga love pad

According to close Pals, Sheeba moved in with Tim at his crib in Muyenga  where they have been enjoying endless uninterrupted bonking sessions to the extent that she is said to be baking a Bun in her Oven.

Sheeba, who is daughter of fallen banker late Chris Kassami, was married to Pemba but dumped him some time back after he   suffered financial problems and failed to clear his debts.

His failure to service debts worth billions of shillings prompted his debtors, among them tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, to attach some of the property he owned which included a house and a fleet of expensive luxury cars.

Tim admiring his new catch Sheebah

Besides that, Pemba, who also got involved in a lot of sex scandals with numerous Kampala slay queens not only landed into problems with Sheeba because of endlessly cheating on but also using her name to borrow money which he would later fail to refund.

After getting fed up of his  endless sex scandals and financial quagmire,  Sheeba woke up  one day and packed all her belongings  before she estranged herself from him.

Sheeba Kassami with Jack Pemba during their heyday

After a few months after Pemba had relocated to his home country Tanzania following the disgrace he suffered in Uganda, word emerged that Sheeba had hooked up a new man and was deeply in love with him.

That man has since been identified as Tim, a loaded businessman who is the proprietor of a GPS Car Tracking company and he has made her forget all the heartache she suffered when she was still married to Pemba.   

Moles reveal that Tim and his wife Lillian Byarugaba are currently involved in a fierce divorce battle that he is eagerly fighting to end such that he can officially chew Sheeba’s Sumbie without fear or favour to anyone.


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