Tycoon Kavuma’s Gal TK Berriez Resorts To Slaying After Collapsed Marriage

Tycoon Kavuma’s Gal TK Berriez Resorts To Slaying After Collapsed Marriage

By Ivan Mwine

The adage which says that the rich also cry is in truism with city tycoon cum events promoter Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions, because of his glamorous daughters who have failed to settle down in marriage.

As you read this, Kavuma’s eldest daughter Latifa Kavuma, who is popularly known as TK Berriez, has since resorted to 24-hour slaying ever since her marriage with city lawyer Ismail Kisambira collapsed  barely two years after its inception.


After failing to settle down with Kisambira to start up a family, TK Berriez is nowadays trotting the globe like she is some kind of diplomatic figure.

She is often on and off the place, according to pals, traveling to countries like Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, China, to mention but a few.

Sexy TK Berriez cuts a pose

However, what has remained very sketchy according to her pals is the exact line of business that keeps TK Berriez often on the move, although she usually tells whoever inquires that she goes abroad for shopping sprees.

TK Berriez got officially hooked up with Kisambira by secretly organizing an Islamic Nikkah ceremony and a Kukyala at her parents’ home in Bwebajja in 2018.

However, just a year down the road in 2019, the slay queen developed some disagreements with Kisambira, especially after failed to stomach her endless partying sprees and failure to behave like a Hajjat.

TK Berriez with Ismail Kisambira on their wedding day

She later packed her belongings and returned to her father’s house in Seguku, Katale, where she stayed for some time before she embarked on her slaying sprees abroad.

However, it should be noted that TK Berriez is not any different from her younger sister Shamira Kavuma, who got married in 2016, although her marriage collapsed shortly thereafter, something that makes their father get even more worried because years are passing by without any of them giving him any grandkids.

Gorgeous slay queen TK Berriez chillaxing in Accra, Ghana

Our Moles indicate that Shamirah bitterly ended her marriage some time back and is reportedly seeking asylum in Canada, where she went for Kyeyo.


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