Tycoon Kavuya, Minister Kutesa Cited In Urban TV Star Tina Fierce Sacking

Tycoon Kavuya, Minister Kutesa Cited In Urban TV Star Tina Fierce Sacking

By Our Reporter

Shocking secrets coming in indicate that former Urban TV presenter Christine Karungi aka Tina Fierce was not fired because of complaints raised by socialite Sheila Gashumba and her lover God’s Plan they had earlier on alleged.

Our Moles within the Vision Group reveal that the actual reason Tina Fierce was fired was because during one of her ‘Scoop On Scoop’ shows on Urban TV she rattled city tycoon Ben Kavuya after he was allowed by government to fly into Uganda some members of his family members from abroad, at a time when passenger flights had been suspended at Entebbe International Airport and thousands of Ugandans were stranded abroad due to the COVID-19 lockdown.


In her broadcast on May 20th, 2020, she allegedly insinuated that Kavuya had used his financial muscle and high political connections to influence the Minister for Foreign Affairs Sam Kahamba Kutesa to return Kavuya’s family members to Uganda in June despite the COVID-19 lockdown that had been announced by government in March, plus the consequent closure of all borders and suspension of passenger flights at Entebbe Airport .

According to documents seen by this website, following Tina Fierce’s alleged attack against Kavuya and members of his family which they claimed was a breach of Ethics/ Minimum Standards of Broadcasting and Promoting Inflammatory/Hate Speech, Kavuya dragged the matter to the Uganda Media Council, which ruled that Tina Fierce and the Vision Group were liable for their acts and subject to disciplinary measures. The case was registered vide file number No.02/06 of 2020.

Part of the documents from the Media Council relating to the Tina Fierce saga

“The Committee finds that the broadcast is an appalling display of yellow journalism not fit for broadcast. It was blatant breach of minimum standards of broadcasting and professional code of ethics as provided under section 31 and 32 of the Uganda Communications Act (UCA) and the Journalists Professional Code of ethics in particular rule (a) of the 4th schedule of the UCA and Code 2 of the Journalists Professional Code of Ethics.

In our view, material which contains abusive or derogatory treatment of individuals, groups, religions or communities must not be included in television and radio programmed.  This impugned broadcast was all the aforesaid,” the Media Council ruling reads it part.

It continues that;

In the premises, the Committee orders as follows;

The programme host of the impugned broadcast Ms. Christine Karungi broadcast an apology in writing to the Hon. Sam Kutesa and Mr. Ben Kavuya within seven days from the date of this decision and proof thereof be served to the Council.

NCPPL is hereby directed to immediately remove Ms Christine Karungi from air and she shall only be allowed to host a programme on any platform or broadcaster once the apology in (1) above has been rendered and the Council duly notified.

NVPPCL, shall within 7 days from the date of this decision, avail to the Council written evidence of the measures taken to ensure that this kind of broadcast does not occur again.”

Face with such a dilemma,  Vision Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Kabushenga had not option but to crack the whip on Tina Fierce, whom he viciously kicked out of Urban TV.


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