Tycoon Lubega Torn Apart: Youngest  Son Joins  Motorsports As Eldest Battles For Life After Accident

Tycoon Lubega Torn Apart: Youngest Son Joins Motorsports As Eldest Battles For Life After Accident

By Exposed Uganda

The family of city tycoon Charlie Lubega, who is the owner of Club Guvnor, is caught between a rock and a hard place after the youngest son identified as Mark Lubega decided to join motorsports, yet his brother Michael Baale Lubega is bedridden after he got involved in a nasty accident.

Sources close to the family reveal that Mark recently launched the start of his motorsports career and showed off the new rally car he recently acquired in a bid to officially join Uganda’s motorsports competitions.

Mark Lubega relaxes on his car after the rally

However, Mark’s new passion has left his father Lubega (Sr), mother and other family members deeply worried, because they fear he might end up like his elder brother, who is currently crippled.

Moles have it on good grounds that Mark joined rally driving last year and even participated in some rallies, then last weekend he was among the participants in the Rukaari Lake Mburo rally that was held in Mbarara District.

However, the family is vehemently standing against  his newfound career in motorsports because of what happened to his brother Baale.

Mark Lubega (R) and pal show off their trophies

It should be noted that Baale, who also had a passion for motorsports, spent several months in coma at IHK Hospital after he got involved in a nasty accident a few years back.

Sources say that Baale, who was cruising at rocket speed, got the nasty accident in Ntinda as he was rushing to pick a friend to head to Entebbe Airport.

The accident left him with a cracked skull, eye socket and three broken cervical bones. One of the bones shattered and compressed the spinal cord, leaving him paralysed.

Mark Lubega and pal interact with another rally driver

It is said that Lubega, after realizing that there wasn’t much Ugandan medics could do, wanted to book a chopper to airlift Baale to Nairobi, Kenya, for specialized surgery but doctors advised him that he couldn’t be flown out due to the dire health state he was in at the time.

Family sources contend that Lubega had always warned his son to avoid over-speeding late at night but he had paid no heed.

Tycoon Lubega’s eldest son Michael Baale Lubega who got crippled after the accident

The tycoon had also stopped him from joining motorsports in 2017 when he wanted to join the sport, fearing the worst, reason why he is getting sleepless nights now that his other son Mark is also taking the same path.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Lubega was also a passionate motor rally driver, although he was forced to prematurely retire from the sport after he developed a knee dislocation, broken neck and spinal cord when his Land Cruiser Lexus rolled several years ago.

Following the nasty accident, Lubega was flown to the USA where he spent a long time undergoing medical attention until he fully recovered, reason why he doesn’t want his sons to suffer the same fate.


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