Tycoon Majwega’s Widow Halima Linked To Eddy Kenzo

Tycoon Majwega’s Widow Halima Linked To Eddy Kenzo

By Ivan Mwine

More secrets about fallen city businessman Samuel Kironde Majwega and his widow Halima Majwega aka Diamond Majwega continue to stream in  from our Moles.

We revealed on this website yesterday how Majwega decided to relocate  Halima to America because of her endless merrymaking sprees with city dudes, among them Michael Nuwagira aka Toyota, who is one of president  Yoweri Museveni’s brothers.


Well, the latest from our Moles is that before she  got involved with Toyota, Halima was deeply attached to musician Edirisa Musuuza popularly known as Eddy Kenzo.

According to Moles, Halima, who was Majwega’s second and youngest wife, was some  time so deeply involved with Kenzo to the extent that at one  time composed a song dubbed ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’ and she was said to be the inspiration for that jam.

It is said that Kenzo sang ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’ after reportedly getting threats from the Tycoon’s emissaries who warned him to either back off her or face the consequences.

Halima Majwega with Toyota, on phone is Mukasa Mbidde

During that time, according to Moles, Halima was inseparable with Kenzo and she is said to have been bankrolling his music career using dime she would get from her hubby, something that pissed off the tycoon so much.

The Moles reveal that on realizing that he would land in problems if he continued his rendezvous  with Halima, Kenzo distanced himself from her.

It was around the same time that he released the song ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’,  meaning that she was getting to get him killed because of her too much love for him yet she was married.

Majwega, who was  the proprietor of MK Publishers and Avance International University, died passed away last Sunday at a health facility in Louisiana, USA, where he had been rushed for medical attention.

Besides Halima, Majwega, who was celebrated rotarian and Katikiro of the Mbogo clan in Buganda, is also survived by  another widow identified as Stella Majwega.

He left behind four children; two with Halima and two with Stella, who live in America with their mothers.

The family is finalizing the process of repatriating Majwega’s body to Uganda for proper internment and we shall bring you updates about the same.


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