Tycoon Majwega’s Widows  Halima & Stella In Bitter Fight Over His Body

Tycoon Majwega’s Widows  Halima & Stella In Bitter Fight Over His Body

By Ivan Mwine

A fierce battle has erupted between fallen businessman Samuel Kironde Majwega’s widows just a few days after his death.

Majwega, who was the proprietor of MK Publishers and Avance International University, died on Sunday at a health facility in Louisiana, USA.

Samuel Majwega with Stella Majwega on their wedding day several years ago

However, shortly after his death, Moles reveal that a bitter war over who is the rightful wife to oversee his funeral and burial has erupted.

According to Moles, Majwega, whose official residence is in Buziga, a Kampala suburb, is survived by two widows identified as Stella Musoke Majwega (first wife) Halima Majwega (second wife), although they are both based in America.

Both Halima and Stella produced two children with the deceased, meaning he is survived by four orphans.

Halima aka Diamond Majwega with hubby Samuel Majwega during their heydays

However, we are told that a cold war erupted shortly after his death because each of the women wanted the vigil and funeral held at her house.

Matters even worsened after they both sent out separated death announcements, momentarily confusing Majwega’s friends and business associates, until it the impasse was discovered that it is the two widows battling over supremacy.

Samuel Majwega with Stella and their children in America

It is said that both Halima and Stella live in Massachusetts, USA, in different houses that Majwega bought for them and they had children with him.

But it should be noted despite Halima having kids with Majwega  the two were not officially married because he was legally wed with Stella and  the two had not yet officially divorced at the time of his death.

Meanwhile,  in our next briefing we bring you secrets about Halima aka Diamond Majwega, her wild merrymaking sprees, plus how she ended up battling love woes with Majwega after he discovered that she was  swallowing a top Ugandan musician and later juggled him with a member of  the First Family.

Watch this space!!


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