Tycoon Mbiire’s Gal Nadia Joins YouTube Bandwagon

Tycoon Mbiire’s Gal Nadia Joins YouTube Bandwagon

By Ivan Mwine

The latest trend amongst socialites and celebrities running YouTube channels and the latest to join this bandwagon is tycoon Charles Mbiire’s daughter Nadia Kabahita Matovu.

Word coming in from our Moles is that Nadia has since joined the likes of Flavia Tumusiime, Methia Nabawanda and other popular bloggers who are running YouTube channels.

Gorgeous Nadia Matovu

Nadia, who gave birth to her second born  a few weeks ago and is currently a lactating mother, made the revelation early this week after  she wrote thus on her social media platforms;

“As I get ready to start filming for my YouTube, what would you like to see? Subscribe to my Channel so that you don’t miss out!”

Nadia (L) with pals

It should be noted that despite being well educated, Nadia has since resorted to being a house wife and running her private fashion businesses because being employed by any company in Uganda doesn’t appeal to her, given the fact that her dad is very wealthy.  

Lovely Couple: Yasser and Nadia Matovu

Having been born with a silver spoon in the mouth, Nadia, who is married to equally wealthy Yasser Matovu, spends most of her time partying, going for pedicure and manicure or massage and now she has discovered that she has a passion for blogging.

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