Tycoon Mbire’s Gal Nadia Parades Baby Bump  For Matovu’s Second Born

Tycoon Mbire’s Gal Nadia Parades Baby Bump For Matovu’s Second Born

By Our Reporter

All seems to be well for celebrity couple Nadia Kabahita, daughter of tycoon Charles Mbire and her hubby Yasser Matovu, who is city moneybags Mansoor Matovu’s son.

Our Moles reveal that the couple is expecting their second born a few months from now after ably raising their first child, a gorgeous daughter of about three years.

Actually, Nadia is so elated about this new development   to the extent that she has started sharing snapshots of her bulging baby bump with her pals on social media, thereby attracting lots of adoration from them.

In one of the snaps she shared,  Matovu is seen marvelling over her baby bump as he smooches it, as Nadia adores their daughter.

Nadia Kabahita and hubby Yasser Matovu with their daughter touching the baby bump

According to close pals,  Nadia is already heaping pressure on Matovu to organize a baby shower for their forthcoming  bundle of joy in the next few weeks, such that she can share the joyous moments with her ‘Girl Brigade.’

As a result of her now very fragile health condition, we are told gorgeous Nadia has since come round and decided to cut down on her routine of partying sprees, such that she can ably prepare for her upcoming roles as a ‘Nakawere’, once again.

Nadia and Matovu were officially united as man and wife at a glamorous wedding in 2017 and since then they have  enjoyed a fruitful marital life, at times having ups and downs but often overcoming them and emerging stronger than ever in their love life.  

It should however be noted that Nadia was reportedly against the idea of having another child so soon because it would interfere with her slaying schedule and only Allah knows how Matovu managed to convince her to accept.

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