Tycoon Mutaasa Kafero’s Gal Mastulah Given Wedding Ultimatum

Tycoon Mutaasa Kafero’s Gal Mastulah Given Wedding Ultimatum

By Ivan Mwine

Although most women covet money, beauty and fame, we can’t say that’s the same way city mogul  Hajj Mutaasa Kafero’s daughter Mastulah Mutaasa aka MarceyBabrbie feels, because she has it all but  she is still unhappy.

Word from our Moles is that although Mastulah, who is one of Uganda’s leading slay queens, appears to be happy and wears coy smiles in the snaps she posts on social media, the belle is not happy at all, because of the pressure she is receiving from her family.

Hajj Mutaasa Kafero’s daughter Mastulah Mutaasa aka MerceyBarbie in a bar

Moles reveal  that some members of the Mutaasa family have since started mounting pressure on Mastulah, advising her to  quit slaying and settle down to start up a family, such that she can become the Hajji’s daughter she is expected to be.  

Matters even escalated  recently after word started going around that she had landed an American dude in USA where she is based nowadays, who is spoiling her with all goodies and niceties that money can buy.

Mastulah enjoying a cozy drink

We hear that when some of her concerned family members heard the rumour, many of them started praying hard, such that Allah can bless Mastulah’s new relationship so that can last until at least she ties Nikkah with the Mzungu.

Moles intimate that others were even suggesting that they hold special prayers (Duwa) for Mastulah such that she can finally find a man to settle down with, although their hopes and prayers seem to be very far away from her current plans.

Whereas her family members want her to settle down,  Mastulah seems not ready to quit the slaying podium and as you read this, she is traversing the USA merrymaking without fear or favour to anyone.

Mastulah hanging out with the American guy who is investing n her

Prior to relocating to the USA however, where she is said to have hooked a new dude, Mastulah was married to city businessman Hajji Fahad Lugobe, although unfortunately  their marriage crashed shortly after its inception although they had not yet produced a child together.

One of the   reasons Mastulah and Lugobe’s marriage crashed was reportedly because of her  endless merrymaking, which often necessitated that she returns home late in the night or early in the morning, something that caused several fights between them.

After her marriage with Lugobe crashed, she was later said to have enjoyed steamy rendezvous and drunken sprees with socialite Zari Hassan’s brother only identified as Ting Dis, although she thereafter linked to wannabe socialite  Isaac Nduhukire aka Don Nasser.


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