Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastula  Chops Cash At Punta Cana Beach

Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastula Chops Cash At Punta Cana Beach

By Ivan Mwine

 City mogul  Mutaasa Kafeero wayward daughter Mastullah Mutaasa aka Marsceybarbie, a girl from a small country like Uganda, is chopping money without fear or favour to anyone.

Mastullah, who has almost visited all party destinations in the world, is currently in the Dominican Republic, where she is merrymaking without any reservations.

Bootylicious Mastullah sunbathing at the beach

This week, Moles reveal, she was enjoying life at the luxurious Punta Cana resort beach, where she had time to go horse riding, feed flamingos on top of rubbing shoulders with several celebrities and wealthy people, many of whom were wondering whether she is a CEO or a daughter of an oil baron.

Punta Cana is one of Latin America’s most popular tourist destinations, with more visitors than any country in the Caribbean region.

Gorgeous Mastullah sailing on a raft in a swimming pool

It should be noted that Mastullah is based in the USA but she keeps traveling from one country to another  on her quest to chop money at all renowned party destinations in the world.

Prior to relocating to America however, where she underwent booty surgery, the bootylicious slay queen was married to city businessman Hajji Fahd Lugobe, although their marriage collapsed because of her relentless partying sprees.

Mastullah flaunts her saucy curves as she sips a drink

She later hooked up flashy socialite Isaac Nduhukire aka Don Nasser, who injected in her the dime to fly to the USA for booty surgery but after getting whatever she wanted Mastullah dumped him like a hot potato.

Moles intimate that a few months ago she hooked up an American with whom she is merrymaking as they chop money together.


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