Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastula Drowns In Tequillas As She Celebrates Birthday

Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastula Drowns In Tequillas As She Celebrates Birthday

By Ivan Mwine
When it comes to chopping money, city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastula Mutaasa aka Marscey Barbie does it without fear or favour to anyone.

Our Moles reveal that Mastula a few days ago celebrated her birthday and to make it special, she decided to treat herself to a lavish private dinner at a restaurant in Washington D.C.

Mastula enjoying life in Jamaica

Mastula’s dinner not only came with exotic cuisines but also bottles of tequila and other expensive liquors that she enjoyed all night long.

The wealthy slay queen  flew to Washington after spending a luxurious short holiday in Negril, Jamaica, where she had gone to cool off and get her body toned up.

Having been born to a wealthy father Mastula has devoted her life to trotting the globe as enjoys merrymaking, since she has lots of money at her disposal to spend.

She relocated from Uganda to America a few years ago following the collapse of her marriage with city gold dealer Fahd Lugobe, who failed to cope up with her lifestyle of binge partying.

Sexy Mastula Mutaasa at the beach

Before relocating to America Mastula dated city socialite Isaac Nduhukire aka Don Nasser, who reportedly forked out hundreds of millions of shillings to pay for her booty surgery.

However, when she relocated to America, she hooked up with an American identified as Steve Nanney, although their relationship didn’t last either and it was not long before they parted ways.

By the time they parted ways, Moles reveal that Steve had sired a tot with Mastula, although her parents have since taken custody of the toddler and denied him access to the kid.

Since then Mastula has been riding solo and partying on a a daily in America, although Moles reveal that her parents and siblings have over time pleaded with her to settle down and at least start up a family, such that she can quit the life of slaying.

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