Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastulah Flaunts  Million Dollar Curves After Surgery

Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastulah Flaunts  Million Dollar Curves After Surgery

By Our Reporter

Popular slay Queen Mastulah Mutaasa aka Marscey Barbie, daughter of Kampala tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero, has resorted to flaunting her voluptuous booty after she underwent body surgery worth hundreds of millions of shillings.

Mastulah, who was married to city businessman Hajji Fahad Lugobe before she fled their marital bed and resorted to slaying, is currently based in the USA, where she underwent surgery at the popular Dr. Curves Clinic and she nowadays competes with America music star Nickie Minaj when it comes to being bootylicious.

Sexy Mastulah Mutaasa aka Marsceybarbie

She recently shared very tantalizing snapshots on her Instagram wall, in which she is seen flaunting her very gorgeous body and curvaceous booty that is worth a millions dollars.

Unlike back in the days when Mastullah was slender with a model-like body, she has since added weight and grown a juicy bum that leaves many of her exes in Kampala salivating whenever they see her.

Mastulah flaunts her lovely Booty


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