Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastulah Opens Up To Nature: Goes Nude At Beach

Tycoon Mutaasa’s Gal Mastulah Opens Up To Nature: Goes Nude At Beach

By Ivan Mwine
Ugandan super slay queen Mastulah Mutaasa aka Marcey Barbie has taken slaying to another level by deciding to do whatever she wants without fear or favour to anyone.

Mastulah Mutaasa chillaxing

Mastulah, who embarked on a worldwide partying mission although she is based in America, recently decided to become one with nature by going nude while at a luxury resort in  Negril, Jamaica.

According to snaps that our Moles have landed on, Mastulah is seen standing naked, facing the rushing lake waters with her boobs and Sumbie, covering her nakedness with a towel.

Mastulah aka Marcey Barbie with a tequila

In another very sensational snap Mastulah is seen clad on a thong, scrolling through her Smartphone as the sun kisses her dazzling booty.

Mastulah Mutaasa adoring a bottle of champagne

Although she was raised up by a staunch Muslim father, Hajj Mutaasa Kafeero, Mastulah decided to abandon her father’s business empire in Uganda and relocated to America, where she not only underwent booty surgery but also decided to dedicate her life to endless partying sprees, which usually involve popping bottles.

She was a few years back married to Kampala-based controversial gold dealer Hajj Fahd Lugobe, although their marriage collapsed barely a year after its inception, thanks to her binge partying.

She later hooked up with socialite Nasser Nduhukire aka Don Nasser who injected a lot of dime into her lifestyle, including bankrolling her booty surgery, although she dumped him soon after getting whatever she wanted from him.

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