Uganda Premier League Clubs Launch ‘Wear Your Local Jersey’ Campaign To Promote Local Football Industry.

Uganda Premier League Clubs Launch ‘Wear Your Local Jersey’ Campaign To Promote Local Football Industry.


By Isaac Norman Mwambazi

Apart from the scarcity of funds to facilitate their activities, the local football industry faces tight competition from European football in about everything.

The Premier League, La Liga, and Italian Serie A among others are more followed by Ugandans than the  the Uganda Premier League, with fans knowing almost every aspect of their favourite European clubs and knowing too little about Ugandan clubs or players.

To bridge this gap, Uganda Premier League clubs have launched a campaign dubbed ‘Wear Your Local Jersey’ as a drive that will ensure local football stakeholders support and build the Ugandan football industry through the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) initiative.

Abdu Wilshan Wasike (R) with a colleague at the event

A statement released by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA FC) indicates that the campaign also aims at helping local clubs get some revenue from selling their promotional merchandise like jersey, caps, key holders, hats, banner, scarves, etc.

Statement from KCCA about the Wear Your Local Jersey Campaign

“Uganda football fans are urged to buy apparel from their Ugandan football clubs and proudly wear them to promote and grow Uganda football. In challenging times like these ones where the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the local football industry hard since 20th March, 2020 when sports activities were suspended, merchandise is one of the ways through which clubs can generate funds and football stakeholders showing their support to Ugandan football,” the statement reads in part.

Police FC, Express FC, SC Villa, KCCA FC, URA FC, officials at the press conference for Wear Your Local Jersey campaign

It is no secret that some Ugandan football clubs have long struggled with finances, sometimes going months without paying their players and staff, so if Ugandans support this initiative, clubs hope to get some revenue to support their activities.

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