Ugandan Artistes Dominate Greatest Gengetone Album In History

Ugandan Artistes Dominate Greatest Gengetone Album In History

By Ivan Mwine

Gone are the days when gengetone music was dominated by Kenyan and Tanzanian musicians!!!

The latest trend in the music industry indicates that Ugandan artistes have since revolutionized the industry by venturing into gengetone music.

This has been evidenced in the new album that was released by Kenyan gengetone stars the Mbuzi Gang,  which features several celebrated Ugandan artistes.

Mbuzi Gang team that outed ‘The Three Wise Goats’ album with top Ugandan artistes

The Mbuzi Gang’s new album dubbed ‘The Three Wise Goats’, is an epic depiction of how Ugandan artistes had always missed out on thrilling their fans across East Africa by doing gengetone music.

The Ugandan artistes who have made history by dominating the biggest gengetone album in history include; Jose Chameleone, Nina Roz, John Black, Navio,  Felista Di Supersta and Angella Katatumba.

Here are the songs these Ugandan artistes did with  the Mbuzi Gang on their new album ‘The  Three Wise Goats’;

‘Shida’ featuring Jose Chameleone, ‘ ‘Zoza’- featuring Navio and Vic West, ‘Goshodo’ featuring Angella Katatumba, ‘Rudi’ featuring Nina Roz ‘Shamra Shamra’  remix featuring Felista Di Superstar, John Black, Gabu, Naiboi, Frasha and Wyre.

Names of all the artistes on the album

Besides the collabos with Ugandan artistes however, the Mbuzi Gang’s new album also features acts from various other East African artistes who include;

‘Blessings’ featuring Kashkeed, ‘Baikoko’ featuring Vanessa, ‘Iskaba’ featuring Vanessa, ‘Tusere’ featuring Ethic Entertainment, ‘Shifra’- featuring Swat and Exray, ‘Happy Birthday’ featuring Lava Lava and KRG, ‘Wawawa’ featuring Katapila and Silverstone, plus Unanibo’ featuring Madini Classic.

 Going by this new diversification in Uganda’s music industry, it is  apt to note that music lovers should expect more gengetune vibes from Ugandan artistes, a move that is bound to further the objectives  of the East African Community,  which include uniting all East African people physically, economically, politically and musically!

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