Ugandan ‘Black Gold Dealers’ In Tears After Brig. Asiimwe Is Axed From CMI

Ugandan ‘Black Gold Dealers’ In Tears After Brig. Asiimwe Is Axed From CMI

By Ivan Mwine

Several Ugandan gold dealers, especially those dealing the  precious mineral via black market are worried after getting news of their ‘Godfather’ Brig. Charles Asiimwe being relieved of his duties as the deputy commander of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

The country is awash with news of Brig. Asiimwe being knifed from CMI, a few days after his boss Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho was also axed.

Whereas Maj.  Gen. Kandiho was appointed by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Joint Chief of Staff of the Uganda Police,  his former deputy brig. Asiimwe is pending deployment.

Sources within security circles actually reveal that  Asiimwe has since been sent for further military training, although it is not yet known whether he will be training in Uganda or abroad.

However, that aside, sources reveal that Ugandan gold dealers are crying foul and wondering what next after Asiimwe’s departure, because he was very flexible in assisting them with their deals.

The sources reveal that the gold dealers don’t know what to   do next or who to turn, because the Brigadier  had become very helpful to them especially when  it came to securing services like police lead cars, armed bodyguards, getting important paper work done, among others.

It is said that whenever any of the dealers met a hurdle in their line of business, all they would have to  do is give the  Brigadier a call and his word would instantly become an ‘Order From Above’.

However, all that clout and influence is now gone following Asiimwe’s removal from office.

It should be recalled that President Museveni some time back issued a directive to the police and sister security agencies to conduct a crackdown on all fake gold dealers in Uganda.

Following his directive, Col. Kaka Bagenda, the former head of the Internal Security Organisation, instituted a crackdown operation during which many gold scammers were arrested although he is said to have met a lot of resistance especially when it came to those who had connections with powerful officers in the armed forces.  

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