Ugandan Diva Lydia Jazmine Takes ‘Kwetega’ To America

Ugandan Diva Lydia Jazmine Takes ‘Kwetega’ To America

By Ivan Mwine


Celebrated Ugandan songbird Lydia Jazmine seems to be upbeat about her hustle in Kampala, reason why she has kind of taken her ‘Kwetega’ stints to another level.

As you read this, Lydia Jazmine is in Boston, America, where she is enjoying herself as she does ‘Kwetega’, which is a vernacular slang to mean; ‘I’m available to be chewed’.
Clad on white bikini, Lydia Jazmine enjoys the sea breeze

According to Moles, Lydia, who is  a popular musician although her career seems to  have stagnated, traveled to America last month  for a short holiday.

However, ever since she landed in America Lydia has   been parading her booty at beaches and other hangouts in Boston, as if she is on a mission to attract men’s attention.

Lydia Jazmine parades her booty in America

It should be noted that although she is very beautiful, successful and nearing menopause, Lydia is somehow still unlucky in love because she has not been known to publicly date any man for a long time.

She has however been linked to several men among  them  popular musicians Fik Fameica and  Eddy Kenzo, among others.

Meanwhile, Moles reveal that the main reason Lydia  to America is because she is one of  the musicians slated to perform at this year’s Ugandans in North America Association (UNAA) convention.

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