Ugandan Maid Stuck In Saudi Arabia Due To COVID-19 Murdered

Ugandan Maid Stuck In Saudi Arabia Due To COVID-19 Murdered

By Mable Nakibuuka


The Ugandan community in Saudi Arabia is engulfed in grief following the murder of one of their own by unidentified goons.

Saudah Nakakande who was a domestic worker in Riyadah, was found lying dead in her room on Saturday, oozing blood from the mouth and nose.

However, it is not yet known why she was murdered and who did it, because her immediate employers did not divulge details.

A few of Nakakande’s friends in Saudi Arabia who learnt about her unfortunate death have since called out to her relatives and or friends in Uganda to inform the deceased’s family such that modalities can be worked out to repatriate her body to proper internment.

Saudah Nakakande before and after death

By the time of filing this story neither the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Uganda nor the Ugandan embassy in Riyadah had issued a statement about Nakakande’s murder, although we have since learnt that she was one of the many Ugandans stranded in Saudi Arabia because they cannot afford to pay for the return home.

It should be noted that Nakakande is one of the hundreds if not thousands of Ugandan domestic workers who have been murdered in the United Arab Emirates after they were promised lucrative jobs abroad by recruitment companies in Uganda.

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