Ugandan Rapper Rabadaba In Bitter Split With AK-47 Widow Margie

Ugandan Rapper Rabadaba In Bitter Split With AK-47 Widow Margie

By Ivan Mwine

The once blooming relationship between once popular Ugandan rapper Faisal Sseguya aka Rabadaba and Margie Kiweesi, the widow of fallen singer Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK-47 is no more.

Word coming in from Moles in the UK indicates that whatever was happening between Rabadaba and Margie has since ended in tears and the two no longer seeing eye to eye.

The move, which comes a few months after Margie helped to relocate Rabadaba to the UK after she literary married him, is said to have left her very devastated and depressed.

According to Moles, Rabadaba failed to connect well with his in-laws, among them Margie’s mother and sister Margie Kyler, among other issues.

However, the Moles also intimate that Margie,  who is currently preparing to divorce Rabadaba, is so heartbroken after discovering that although  she loved Rabadaba with her heart, reason why she invested lots of money into relocating him to the UK, he had actually never loved her.

As if to express her emotional anguish with the rest of the public, Margie posted thus on her socials;

“Be careful whom you trust and fall in love with. People can f*ck You  Up because they never loved you but had hidden agendas.”

It ended in tears for Rabadaba and Margie Kiweesi

But, besides breaking her heart, Moles intimate that Rabadaba had become some sort of parasite at Margie’s home by refusing to find a job and deciding to use the advantage of being her hubby to exploit her financially.

It is said this is what mainly strained the relationship between him and his in-laws, who started pressuring Margie to find a quick solution for the problem.

It should be noted Rabadaba was some time back deeply in love with a UK based socialite identified as Sheila Ferguson with whom he produced a child, although her parents did not approve of him as potential hubby for their daughter.

Shortly after Ferguson producing Rabadaba’s child they put her on the fasted plane to the UK and ensured that she never gets in touch with the rapper again.

Meanwhile, although by the time he separated with Margie they had no child together, she has a set of twins from her past relationship with AK-47.

But prior to hooking up with Rabadaba, Margie was dating Ugandan singer Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade, although their relationship ended bitterly after they got involved in counteraccusations of offside romping.

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