Ugandan Researchers Discover Medicine For Cancer, Diabetes

Ugandan Researchers Discover Medicine For Cancer, Diabetes

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Kampala: A team of Uganda medical researchers have discovered a cure for cancer and diabetes.

Led by David Ssenfuka, the researchers under Leonia-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre, contend that they recently discovered herbal medicine for both diabetes and cancer.

Ssenfuka, who made the revelation during a presser held on Thursday, said that when he returned from Dubai seven years ago, he started a research which would later turn out to be a solution to the diabetic and cancer patients.

Ssenfuka said that; “I got to know about the herbs from my late grandmother, Leonia Nalongo Nakiwala Namaganga, who was a traditional healer using herbal medicine to treat many diseases suffered by locals at the time.”

He added that “In 2013 when one of my friends in Dubai called Ibrahim Mustafa complained of signs and symptoms which looked similar to those of my grandmother’s patients.”

Ssenfuka revealed that he later discovered through medical doctors that his friend was suffering from signs and symptoms of advanced diabetes.

He noted that; “I asked him if he was willing to return with me to Uganda so that I could administer the medicine on him. He accepted and got healed after three weeks of taking the medicine.”

Retired Justice John Bosco Katutsi giving his testimony

When Ssenfuka eventually returned to Uganda in 2015, he wanted to know more about the herb, so he took it to the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute (NCR) for animal tests to see the effect of the concoction on human organs and the whole body. A report to this effect is present. He was thereafter advised by the same researchers to take the medicine through a mode of action to animals in combating the diseases and the results were positive.

The researcher said he approached many government officials and the Ministry of Health to intervene so that he could patent the medicine, but his efforts were futile.

Ssenfuka said he also tried reaching out to some other countries for help but they asked for consent of the Ugandan government, which he didn’t have.

Meanwhile, whenever he came across people suffering from diabetes he could give them the medicine out of out of sympathy and miraculously they healed and that kept his pursuit to patent alive.


Testimonies From Patients

According to Ssenfuka, many of patients that have healed of diabetes have since testified and they include former high court judge Justice John Bosco Katutshewho, who gave an interview in the Daily Monitor newspaper last month.  Ssenfuka says several people battling diabetes have since overwhelmed him  with demands for the medicine.


Appeal To Government

The researchers revealed that as a way of promoting this wonder medicine for diabetes and cancer, they need support from the government and that the first step would be registering and patenting the medicine, such that it can be sold to patients  not only in Uganda but also other countries.

“We continue to appeal to the government of Uganda and to the President in particular to come out and find interest in this matter. We want the government to help in developing this medicine more because many people are dying and the hospitals don’t have a cure,” Ssenfuka noted.

He added that “Our capacity at an individual and organizational level is limited to only a few people around us but if the project is taken up by the government it could serve the people of Uganda better.”

He however revealed that his life has since become endangered after he received threats from different unknown people who are capable of eliminating him because this discovery appears to be a threat to their business survival.


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