Ugandan Singer Vampino Applauds Bobi Wine For The Help In His Release From Jamaican Cells

Ugandan Singer Vampino Applauds Bobi Wine For The Help In His Release From Jamaican Cells

By Simon Abaho

Ugandan reggae-dancehall singer Elvis Kirya, popularly known as Vampino, has been released from a Jamaican cell, where he had reportedly been detained for reasons not known yet.

“The reason I was put there is that they had no flight direct to Africa so they threw me in jail instead of a hotel”, vampino posted on facebook

Vampino, 41, a brother to singer Maurice Kirya, is said to have been locked up in Jamaican cell and he later made a passionate appeal to colleagues in Uganda for rescue. 

He posted a message on his Facebook account: “Uganda my people, help me and contact the embassy. I am locked up in a Jamaican cell in Montego Bay, munyambe [help me], I have no help here.’

Known for his popular songs, like Smart wire released in 2017, Kwekunyakunya in 2016 and Tell it, Vampino has been off the music scene for some time.

Earlier, while at a Jamaican airport, the singer posted on his Facebook page that he was leaving the country, but information came in later that he had been arrested. 

His co-worker, Benon Mugumbya of Swangz Avenue, however said that Vampino is okay and that he had been released from jail and was on his way back to Kampala.

Mugumbya, who previously had a duo collabo with Vampino under the tag name ‘Benon and Vamposs’, declined to reveal why Vampino was arrested but insisted that he will be able to explain himself when he arrives in Kampala. 

“UGANDAN EMBASSY MWEMUSINGA…Guys if it ever happens to any ug person abroad we have to call on these guys too..Bambi they came in to assist when they were contacted..was told my embassy called. So I thank you guys for that…Mukama abakuume” vampino posted

He also Applauded Bobi Wine Real names Kayagulanyi Ssentamu,his wife Namakula Swe , his manager kojja Lucha and Boaz Pejay for the role played in his release.

“He is on his way back and he will let you know why he was arrested,” said Mugumbya, a musician and music producer and founder of Swangz Avenue.

Vampino’s other colleague at Swangz Avenue, Julius Kyazze, declined to divulge any information about the woes of his colleague and said he did not have details since he, too, had been away.

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