Ugandan Transgender Deyonce King Marries Fellow Babe

Ugandan Transgender Deyonce King Marries Fellow Babe

By Ivan Mwine
Randy Ugandan socialite Deyonce King, who relocated to  America, where she decided to transform her gender is now a complete husband, after she married a fellow woman.

Moles reveal that Deyonce aka Gould, who is based in Massachusetts, USA, has since abandoned her feminine self and fully embraced masculinity, to the extent that she refers to herself as King.

Deyonce with her wife on their wedding day

Well, nowadays she is now a hubby after she held a private wedding in USA at which she married a yet to be identified babe, whom she refers to as her Queen.

Before she transformed her gender Deyonce, who was a budding model then, was one of the most bootylicious slay queens  that used to cause endless scrotal eruptions in Kampala.

Deyonce King before she transformed her gender

She was some time back said to be dating NTV presenter  MC Esco although their fling seems not to have materialised anything so they parted ways.

Deyonce spots a 7KG Sumbie

Deyonce loved her booty so much that at one time she is said to have spent millions of shillings on body surgery that accorded her a figure 8 booty.

Deyonce with her wife

However, a few years later she lost all sense of feminism and decided to undergo another surgery that turned her into the man-like figure she is now.

Deyonce King has since changed her gender

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