Ugandans Hail London Duuka For Easing Access To Fresh Food During COVID-19 Pandemic

Ugandans Hail London Duuka For Easing Access To Fresh Food During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Exposed Uganda

Several Ugandans living in East London have expressed their satisfaction for services rendered to them by London Duuka, an online mobile grocery shop which supplies fresh foods and vegetables door to door using delivery vans.

Information coming in from our Moles in London indicates that ever since its inception, London Duuka has attracted a multitude of customers who include not only Ugandans but also other people living in parts of East London.

Due to the timely delivery of orders an affordable prices for their products, London Duuka has become the ideal online shopping portal for all families that want to buy fresh Ugandan food and fruits with just a click of the button, in the comfort of their homes.

Some of the clients who received their orders from London Duuka looking very happy

As result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, London Duuka has been embraced as one of the easiest, safest and most affordable ways  to buy fresh food online, since  the operation is literary a mobile, digital food market.

With London Duuka, clients are able to purchase nutritious Ugandan local foods  like matooke, cassava, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, maize, pumpkin, beans,  maize flour, groundnuts,  to mention but a few.

Through London Duuka, customers can also buy organic fruits like mangoes, jack-fruit, guavas, oranges, mangoes, plus vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, green pepper, hot pepper, onions, garlic and others, including a whole lot of all local spices.

Suleiman Musoke, one of the Ugandans living in the  UK who usually buys fresh food from London Duuka  told this website that; “Sometime back it was very difficult for us to access organic foods from Uganda and as you know, being in a foreign country like the UK, it is not easy to get used to dishes here. However, with London Duuka, all that has since been solved, because now we can now buy all our local nutritious foods without even leaving our homes.”

He added that; “The London Duuka vans are always moving around East London ready to drop deliveries at people’s homes and one good thing about them is that they will deliver exactly what your order for, at the specified time.”

London Duuka is an online grocery shop that all clients can access through our website to place orders and schedule periods of delivery. Customers can also contact us through our Facebook page London Duuka Mobile Shop or on  Twitter at London Duuka, call: 0780-233-1454 or 0793-920-1776  to place orders.

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